The University of Michigan Water Polo program has been conducting its annual camps since its inception in 2003. In the tradition of Michigan Water Polo, it is our mission to promote and develop and provide the opportunity to learn, play and pass on the knowledge gained to all student-athletes around the globe that play the game.

Our camps are geared toward helping young athletes not only develop their fundamentals, but also take their skills to the next level. Each camper will have the opportunity for one-on-one instruction, team instruction and position specific instruction to improve both offensive and defensive skill sets using drills that our Michigan student-athletes and National Team players use to train each day.

Our camps are a terrific opportunity for young athletes to gain exposure to the Michigan Water Polo program, as they serve a great purpose in the development process. We have had players go from coming to our camp to then wearing the block M and being a Varsity Athlete here at Michigan. This is also an opportunity, since it is a co-ed camp, for all campers to get an idea of what college campus living is like, and exploring in-depth what a major college has to offer, as they begin the process of school interest and selection.

Hope to see you at the pool! GO BLUE!